Wealth Management

Your Trusted Investment Management Team

Your Trusted Investment Management Team

At Grace Life and Wealth, we work with clients who have varying amounts of capital and those who are in all phases of their careers. And we can assist you in managing your wealth, too. Whether you are beginning your career or looking to retire, we can help advise you on the best way to reach your financial goals.

Our Wealth Management Services

At Grace Life and Wealth, our financial experts focus on understanding your present needs as well as your goals for the future. From there, we can recommend strategies that will continue to expand your wealth and ensure your future plans are attainable. No matter which of our wealth management services you choose, rest assured that our experts will work with you to customise a plan to meet your unique needs. Our wealth management services include:

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Cash Flow Management

You are busy, and keeping track of your money is a massive challenge. Our cash flow experts will do what is necessary to ensure a sufficient and sustainable supply of cash to meet your needs.

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Personal Balance Sheet

Keeping track of your finances is vital at all levels. You will gain a view of your entire financial picture in a single moment in time. Tracking your assets, liability, and net worth gives you the ability to weigh options and set limits carefully.

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Debt Management

Paying down outstanding debt while keeping a handle on incurring additional debt is essential and a tall order. However, the task becomes manageable with expert assistance from Grace Life and Wealth.

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Wealth Management

We use our holistic approach to finance to get a complete picture of your wealth. We can then offer guidance in a number of areas, including investments, tax planning, estate planning, and financial planning.

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Managed Investments

You may have a sizable portfolio, no investments, or fall somewhere in between. Whatever your investment situation, our experts will work with you to ensure maximum growth within your risk comfort zone.

Ready for Grace to Manage Your Wealth?

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Why Trust Grace With Your Wealth?


Personal Approach

Personalised service every time you contact us. We understand that you do not want to be pushed into a predetermined pattern. Our clients enjoy individualised planning.


Experienced Team

A team of professionals working hard on your behalf will always be handling your accounts. We will not pass your account to the owner’s neighbour’s daughter or any unqualified person.



As our client, you are still very much in control of your finances. If, for any reason, you want to make modifications to your plans or your goals change, one of our finance experts will be happy to help adjust your objectives to fit your new needs.

About Grace Life and Wealth

About Grace Life & Wealth

Our team of finance professionals offer you our unique method of managing your finances. Rather than the average approach many other wealth management services use, we listen while you describe your destination, goal, or objective.

For some clients, it is providing a financial legacy; others want to purchase a vacation property, and others would like to donate large sums to land preservation. From here, we work backwards to determine what moves are necessary to build your desired future.

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