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Why Choose Grace Life & Wealth?

If you are like most people, you have a thin outline of a financial plan for your future. However, it is easy to become sidetracked, and without a definitive plan, you may never reach your goals.

At Grace Life and Wealth, we know understanding our clients is vital to creating the necessary path to success. By listening to you, we can focus on tailoring plans that will keep you on the track to reaching your goals. We are also careful to give you the final word on how you want to manage your money.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to empower you to live a life of financial security, confidence, and abundance. We understand that life is unpredictable, and the key to a secure future lies in careful planning and strategic management of your resources. Our goal is to be your trusted partner on this journey, providing the guidance, support, and expertise you need to make informed decisions.


Our team of seasoned financial advisors and insurance professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. We stay updated with the latest market trends and regulations to offer you the most relevant and effective solutions.


Tailored Solutions

We recognise that every individual and family has unique financial goals and circumstances. Our approach is highly personalised, ensuring that our solutions align perfectly with your needs, whether it's life insurance coverage, retirement planning, or investment strategies.



We believe in transparency, honesty, and ethical conduct. When you work with us, you can trust that your best interests are always at the forefront of our recommendations and decisions.


Comprehensive Services

Our offerings go beyond life insurance; we provide a comprehensive suite of wealth management services. From risk assessment and asset allocation to retirement planning and estate management, we have you covered at every stage of life.


Client-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction and financial well-being are our top priorities. We take the time to listen to your goals and concerns, ensuring that our strategies and solutions are aligned with your vision for the future.

Your Trusted Financial Expert

About Sandra

Sandra Kent

Senior Financial Advisor

ASIC number 1001287

Throughout Sandra’s 25-year Financial Investments and Planning career, she has come to realise that she is client-focused with a trusted and dedicated approach to building intimacy and tailoring solutions to meet client needs. Sandra is passionate about providing strategies and ongoing advice to help her clients achieve their dreams. She is experienced, and enthusiastic, and enjoys relationships based on integrity and honesty.

Sandra believes her clients can be best served if the whole person and their lifelong goals are considered, from the original wealth creation, and wealth protection through to passing on the family’s fortune and legacy. Her commitment to providing personal advice is shown through continued education including her Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and her experience.

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At Grace Life and Wealth, we are client-centred and provide the most comprehensive analysis of your finances possible. From creating your wealth to growing and protecting it, following your final directives for estate disbursement, you are at the centre of our business. Our team are experts in investing, cash flow management, estate planning, personal P&L, and many more services.

Whether you are currently residing in Australia or are an ex-pat with holding in Australia, we will provide you with a secure way to plan for the use of your assets both now and for years to come.

Our Expertise

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